Say hello to the NDA group

We’re the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) group.

Funded by the UK Government, we’re safely and securely decommissioning the UK’s earliest nuclear facilities and preparing them for their next use, removing the burden from future generations. We do this with care for our people, communities and the environment.

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We’re committed to delivering our mission sustainably

We invest £30 million each year in apprentice and graduate development

We invest £15 million each year to support positive social and economic change in local communities

We invest £100 million each year in research, development and innovation

We’re supported by a supply chain of around 5,000 companies

A mission that makes a difference

The UK is a pioneer of nuclear power, with electricity generated for homes and businesses since the 1950s.

Our 17 sites are part of this legacy and include the first fleet of nuclear power stations as well as research sites, fuel-related plants and waste handling and disposal facilities.

When the sites were built, no plans were developed for how they’d be decommissioned, unlike the arrangements in place for sites today.

Our staff, supply chain, academic partners and global experts are working together to develop innovative approaches and deliver our work safely, securely and cost effectively.

It’s a long-term challenge, stretching into the next century, that we’re delivering with sustainability in mind. The work we’re doing is extraordinary and, for our people, it means there are so many possibilities in a wide range of professional, technical and other disciplines.

Say hello to NDA group companies


We’re sponsored and funded by the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ).

As owners of one of the largest nuclear decommissioning and remediation programmes in Europe, our main priority is to develop the strategy for how work should be carried out across the NDA group. We also play an important role in delivering Government’s aspiration for the UK to be a global leader in the civil nuclear sector, supporting its Energy Security Strategy and carbon net zero goals.


Sellafield led the development of the UK’s nuclear industry from production of plutonium to the development of nuclear power generation.

Today it has the largest inventory of untreated nuclear waste in the world and is faced with the challenge of cleaning-up the legacy of the site’s early operations, including some of the most hazardous nuclear facilities in Europe.

Nuclear Restoration Services

Nuclear Restoration Services is the new name for Magnox and Dounreay. It’s responsible for 13 former nuclear power stations and research sites in many parts of England, Scotland and Wales that are now being decommissioned.

Its mission is set to significantly increase, as it prepares to decommission the UK’s fleet of seven advanced gas-cooled nuclear reactors. The sites will transfer to NRS from EDF Energy when their electricity generation and final defueling phases have been completed.

Nuclear Waste Services

Nuclear Waste Services was formed in 2021, bringing together leading capabilities focused on nuclear waste management.

It is responsible for operating the Low Level Waste Repository site in Cumbria, as well as leading the search for a suitable site and willing community to host a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF). Developing a GDF for the permanent disposal of higher activity radioactive waste represents one of the UK’s largest environmental and infrastructure programmes. The search for a suitable site is, uniquely, based on consent from a willing community and includes a right to withdraw from the process right up until a test of public support.

Nuclear Transport Solutions

Nuclear Transport Solutions is a leading global provider of safe, secure and reliable nuclear transport solutions.

It moves material through its rail and shipping capabilities, moving spent fuel from UK power stations to Sellafield and returning reprocessing products to customers overseas.

It is the most experienced transporter of nuclear material in the world with offers in the UK, France and Japan.

The NDA group also includes NDA Archives Ltd, NDA Properties Ltd, Rutherford Indemnity Ltd and Energus.

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